Lowrise (Optional Internal)

Residential / Commercial

Lowrise waterlift—Externally commissioned to an open deck area

lift unit complies with the Australian standard 1735 part 14.

The B2LR14 Lowrise waterlift is a specialised unit which can travel up to a maximum of 1000mm floor to floor. As this model features a non-weatherproof open top tower, it is required to be mounted to an open deck or verandah area when commissioned externally.
The lift car controls are of an easy to operate manual slide lever design (see photos). The lift car and landing doors are aluminium framed and colorbond lined. Floor carpet provides a non slip floor surface while pre-assembly noise reducing compound minimises any noise while travelling. Corrosion resistant materials are used throughout all of our lifts.
This particular unit can be commissioned in both a private residence and a restricted use commercial application.
The below photos display a lowrise lift with a gal tower, you have the option to have your lift tower powder coated if you prefer – see “Lowrise Optional Extras

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