Internal (Custom Elite) E3A

Residential (Extra liftcar cabin space)

(Landing Station recall buttons are provided on this model and dedicated emitter/receiver car entry light beam protection)
(As per Australian Standard 1735 Part 17)

This elegantly finished RGH “Custom Elite” lift is a compliment to any home.    Internally commissioned with MDF construction paintable finish landing doors with one centre mounted vision panel in each door and stainless steel corner trim panelling to the inside finish of the lift car.  The car can be finished in the original easy clean white upper wall laminate sheeting with grey lower and grey fitted full floor carpet or customising is available.

The automatic car control system is an easy to use one pulse push button function.   Car entrances are fitted with the reliable dual emitter  -  receiver light beam detectors for extra protection against the moving surface.  The liftcar is provided with ultra bright LED timer switched lights, car send/recall system and car control lock as standard. A car mounted
telephone is provided.

These models have been design to suit most individuals’ needs and to be incorporated into
any new home decor.

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