Question Can an RGH lift be parked at the upper level?
Answer Yes, our lifts are engineered as per section 11 of the Australian Standard and are available for immediate use. This is an important feature to quickly exit the home in case of an emergency.

Some companies auto return their lifts to the ground level after each use. This will be inconvenient, increase your electricity bill and may also increase your service costs.
Question Is it safe to open an RGH control cabinet?
Answer Yes, our electronic control enclosure only has extra low voltage present (below 24 Volt). There is no 240 VAC equipment.
Question Is the RGH water pump located in the control cabinet?
Answer No, we do not install electronic equipment in an environment which could be affected by the hazards of moisture and water.
Question Where is the RGH water recirculation pump located?
Answer It is a stand alone unit mounted externally beside the lift tower or remotely fitted outside of the home connected to it’s own weatherproof GPO.
Question Can you supply a custom size lift?
Answer Yes, RGH specialises in designing to customers needs and this is supported by certified engineering.
Question How do you stop your liftcar when it reaches the upper level?
Answer We use positive acting limit switches, an electronic and manual valve system combined to de-accelerate the car for unparalleled operation and reliability!
Question Should I purchase a lift now or can I wait?
Answer The decision is yours, but from experience, having the comfort and the convenience of owning a lift now, appears to give people peace of mind knowing they have independence for the unforseen and have saved money by purchasing now.

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