External (Elite) E2A


(Landing Station recall buttons are provided on this model and dedicated emitter/receiver car en-try light beam protection)
(As per Australian Standard 1735 Part 17)

External “Elite” E2A

The RGH “Elite” model is our flagship of years of engineering development and commitment in providing an Australian made lift to assist people with the challenge of maintaining their freedom and independence.

The “Elite” is suitable to be commissioned to an open deck, against an outside wall penetration or internally within a private residence. A vented tower roof provides weatherproofing and one or both of the landing doors contain a vent/vision panel to allow for air circulation. The lift car and the landing doors are aluminium framed with colorbond lining, full floor carpet provides a non slip floor surface while pre-assembly noise reducing compound minimises any noise while travelling. A car mounted telephone is provided and the automatic car control system is an easy to use one pulse push button function. Car entrances are fitted with the reliable dual emitter – receiver light beam detectors for extra protection against the moving surface. Corrosion resistant materials are used throughout all of our waterlifts.

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