Low Rise E2LR14-TR
Australian Standard Compliance 1735 Part 14
Tower Width 1230mm
Tower Depth 1600mm
Tower Height 3300mm approx.
Car Width 900mm
Car Depth 1450mm
Car Wall Height 2000mm
Tower Weatherproof / Fully Enclosed
Travel Restrictions Up to 1000mm
Travel Speed Up to 0.08m / sec approx.
Load Rating 250kg / 550lbs
Approx Water Usage (per cycle) 2 Gallon / 9 Liters
Water Pressure Required Min 55PSI / 385Kpa
Compliance Requirments
Equipment Plant Design Registration Plate
Safety Features
Door & Lift Car Safety Interlocking System Included
Emergency Lowering Facility Included
Dual Air Vent Valves Cylinder Direct Mounted
Door Interior Finish Flush Surface
Carrying Capacity Wheelchair & Carer
Hydraulic Pressure Tested Pre-Delivery
Hose Burst Failsafe Device Cylinder Flow Restrictor
Liftcar Overload Protection System Relief Valve (if required)
Top Serviceman Clearance Included
Lower Serviceman Clearance Pit Prop Included
load Holding Device Check Valve System
Emergency Passenger Release Included
Upper Level Anti-Creep Constant Relevelling System
Self Closing Door Included On Upper Level
Standard Features
Car Motion Automatic Electronic With External Recall System
Car Controls Electronic With External Recall System
Car Wall Lining Colour Bond
Colour Of Car Walls White
Car Floor Carpet Full Floor Coverage
Colour Of Carpet Grey
External Cladding Colour Bond Sheeting
Tower Cladding Colour Paperbark Or White
Landing Door Construction Aluminium Framed & Colour Bond Skin
Landing Doors Solid Lined
Vent And Vision Panel Upper Door Only
Lift Car Frame Aluminium
Lift Tower Frame Gal Steel
Warranty 12 Months
Service Requirements 12 Monthly
Serviceable Equipment Location All Within Lift Tower
Peace of mind with engineering excellence